Blodgetts Landing Panorama - 2006

NOTE:  These Blodgetts Landing web pages have been replaced with an all-new Lake Sunapee History website.  Please click on the link.

The Lake Sunapee History web pages cover some interesting facts and history of Lake Sunapee & Mt. Sunapee - focusing mainly on Newbury and Blodgetts Landing.  The history of this area is covered informally, primarily thru a set of historical photos and postcards - most dating from the 1890s thru the 1960s.  In addition, There are many intersting personal accounts of local history contained in a number of magazine articles, newspaper stories, local historical maps, minutes of Blodgetts C.O.A. meetings, personal recollections, etc.

Here you will find an update and expansion of the old Blodgetts Landing web site.  All of the old web pages have been replaced with a more graphical presentation.  The aim has been to significantly improve the site navigation.
The historical coverage varies as it has developed from informal inputs from many people who have viewed and commented on the original “Blodgetts” web pages - thank you.

Finally, there is no intent to give in depth, broad coverage of Sunapee area history - that is for the local Historical Societies of
Newbury, Sunapee, and New London.

Any comments and/or questions can be sent to me.
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Lake Sunapee - History - Old Photos & Postcards

Lake Sunapee - History - Old Photos & Postcards