The information and photos on these web pages are compliments of Ron Garceau, Soo Nipi Magazine editor.  I am grateful for his contributions to the history of Blodgetts Landing and to the Sunapee area.

The Fall 2007 issue of the SooNipi Magazine had an article on Blodgetts Landing in the “Wild Goose Waters” section - on pages 8 and 9.  Just click on the photos below to see some higher resolution photos that were included in the article.

The Summerl 2011 issue of the SooNipi Magazine had an article titled “Blodgett’s Landing C.O.A. - The Early Years...”   This article is reproduced here by permission of the SooNipi magazine.

Click here to view the SooNipi Fall 2007 Cover and Pgs. 8-9

Blodgett’s Landing was originally a campground for Spiritualists meetings.  The numbers grew, and cottages, a hotel, a Post Office, and a store were built.

Soo Nipi Magazine Fall 2007 Page 8
Soo Nipi Magazine Fall 2007 Page 9

Soo Nipi Magazine  Winter 2007-08  -  Page 25

Soo Nipi Magazine - Winter 07-08  -  Page25

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Photos from the Ron Garceau Collection. These photos are of Blodgett's Landing, Newbury, NH - Lake Sunapee. Photos range in dates from the 1900 to the 1950's. 

Garceau Collection Photo Album