“Uncle Bert” Call (Albert Lincoln Call) lived in Dexter Maine most of his life.  He was a professional photographer and had a studio (Call Studio) from the mid-1880’s to 1944 in Dexter, Maine.  Uncle Bert was also a founding member of the Dexter Club and a founding member and first president of the “Elkinstown Club”, on Lake Wasookeag in Dexter as well as the Dexter Fire Chief.

Uncle Bert’s life story was written up for the Dexter Bicentennial in The Eastern Gazette, June 1976.

Ktaadn 1884 Map

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* * *  Special Travelling Exhbit - Bert Lincoln Call Maine Woods Photos * * *

Please take note that there is a very special travelling exhibit of “Uncle Bert’s” photographs .  This exhibit  features the  Maine Woods: Observations by Bert Lincoln Call and Henry David Thoreau.

Because so many of Uncle Bert’s photographic journeys duplicated Thoreau's expeditions to Maine, the
Dexter Historical Society has developed  an exhibit of Bert Call's North Woods black and white photographs taken during the early 1900s accompanied by quotes from Henry David Thoreau’s  “The Maine Woods”  essays (1864) which contain his first-hand observations of his travels in the Maine North Woods...

North to Ktaadn  Call-Thoreau Map -  Reprinted with permission from the Dexter Historical Society Ktaadn Google Earth Map

Bangor and Aroostook (B&A) Railroad
For several years, Uncle Bert served as official photographer for the Bangor and Aroostook (B&A) Railroad .  This gave him the opportunity to combine business with the thing he loved best to do, go into the deep woods of Maine, take the Allagash canoe trip, go on bear hunting trips, climb Mt. Katahdin, explore many lakes and take the beautiful nature pictures to be found in the B&A Railroad magazine, "In The Maine Woods".

Uncle Bert was the official photographer for the B&A Railroad from 1915 to 1931.  You will find all of the Call Studio photographs taken by Uncle Bert  which appeared in the annual issues of the B&A “In The Maine Woods” magazines from the years 1916, 1923, 1925, 1926, 1930 & 1931 to the right... ------->>.

Uncle Bert’s Maine Backwoods Stories...
Here is a collection of stories and jokes from “Uncle Bert” Call.  These recordings of Uncle Bert were made in 1965 by my cousin, Hunter, on a 1950 Wollensak reel-to-reel tape recorder. I have converted the audio tape to .mp3 digital files with the links below.  I have given a name to each of Uncle Bert’s stories which naturally fit the circumstances.

Note, Uncle Bert had two canaries in his kitchen which never stopped chirping - you can here them in the background...

Covers_Collages_sm1923 - In The Maine Woods magazine photos by Bert Call1925 - In The Maine Woods magazine photos by Bert Call1931 - In The Maine Woods magazine photos by Bert Call1930 - In The Maine Woods magazine photos by Bert Call1916 - In The Maine Woods magazine photos by Bert Call1926 - In The Maine Woods magazine photos by Bert Call

Manure_Lecturer (200Kb) 1:08min.
Son_Called_Onyx (128Kb) :44sec.
Runaway_Horse (298Kb) 1:42min.
Partridge_with_frying_pan (224Kb) 1:16min.

Uncle Bert Audio Stories...
Ben_York’s_famous_Moose_Call (559Kb) 3:10min.
Bear_Surprise_at_Chimney_Pond (1.13Mb) 6:36min.
Katadin_East_Side_Chimney_Pond_Bear_Story (1.79Mb) 10:27min.
Alagash_Lake_Trip_Fire_Accident (1.25Mb) 7:18min.
Roger’s_HS_Graduation_Bear_Hunting_Trip_with_Bert_&_Bob_Call (1.79Mb)7:49min.
The_Dog_Next_Door & Neighbors_Kids (303) 1:43min.
History_of_the_Dexter_Fire_Dept (677Kb) 3:51min.
Dexter’s_Fire_Alarm_System (827Kb) 4:42min.
Dexter’s_Biggest_Fire_22Feb 1907 (491Kb) 2:47min.  Fire picture from newspaper account
History_of_That_Rock (878Kb) 3:44min.
History_of_the_Bedroom_Highboy(306Kb) 1:44min.
History_of_the_Bedroom_Highboy_Part_2 (257Kb) 1:27min.

Uncle Bert’s Audio History Archived in the University of Maine Folklife Center...
Many hours of Uncle Bert’s stories and reminiscences of Dexter Maine and his early life and work are archived in the Maine Folklife Center. These interviews were conducted by Dexter resident historian, Frank Spizuoco from 1963 to 1965, the year Uncle Bert died..
Uncle Bert’s Photograph Collection...
There is a
collection of Uncle Bert’s photographs archived in the Maine Folklife Center.  Here is their description of the photo collection
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“This collection provides digital access to items in SpC MS 81, negatives of photographs taken between 1914 and 1939 of outdoor scenes of  mountains, lakes, woods and streams in the northern part of Maine.  Included are shots from the Mt. Katahdin and Baxter State Park area, the Greenville and Moosehead Lake region, Mt. Desert Island and Bar Harbor, Aroostook and Piscataquis Counties, and the towns of Onawa and Dexter,  Maine. Photos of agricultural scenes from northern Maine, coastal  scenes, and industrial scenes, especially of the Katahdin Iron Works,  are also found in the collection. A small number of the negatives  represent homes and people in the Dexter area. Many photographs were  used in the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad's annual, "In the Maine  Woods," published to promote the railroad's passenger business.”

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