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June 12th
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Leave Grong no later than                                      8:15 am
*** Grong- Solstad/Holm      125 km                      10:15am

***  Ferry Holm -Vennesund      10:45-11:05          11:10am

Holm Harbor

Holm -Vennesund ferry

*** Vennesund to Berg/Traelnes       30 km            30 min
            lunch & view Torghatten (30 min.)

### Torghatten - This hill is renowned for its distinctive hole piercing straight through the hillside.
Traelnes; view to
Torghatten - This hill is renowned for its distinctive hole piercing straight through the hillside. You really get the sense of man’s inferiority to nature when you walk through the 160 metre long, 35 metre high and 15-20 metre wide hole, created thousands of years ago by the sea’s erosion.


This is the view from a postcard - from the “Ocean side”, as seen from ships.  We actually saw the mountain from the other side – the “hole” was only a shadow for us …above, right…


Torghatten - postcard

 *** Berg/Traelnes  to Brønnøysund      20 km                20 mi.                  13:30

*** Brønnøysund to Horn                   15km                  20min                   14:00 
***  Ferry  Horn-Anaddalsvåg      14:10-14:30                                            14:35   (or 15:30?)

*** Anaddalsvåg   to Forvik                20km                    30min                 15:00   (or 16:00?)
***  Ferry  Forvik - Tjøtta       16:30- 17:30                                                17:30
*** Tjøtta to Alstadhaug                      19 km                  30 min.               18:00 

####   12th century church (pastor-poet Petter Dass Museum)
         museum opens on 15 June !!! will be closed

12th Century Petter Dass Church

#### The Seven Sisters mountain range  (Alsten)        18:30

## Søvika; “7 sisters” mountain range:
The Seven Sisters invite you to visit them! There are marked trails up to all the summits which range from 910 metres above sea level to 1072. Should you climb them all, you are eligible to a diploma which can be picked up at the Tourist Office. 



*** Alstadhaug  to Sandnessjøen      19 km                   30 min. 19:00
(on this leg spec. sightseeing)
>>>>Sandnessjøen Camping Steiro 12-13/6,      Tel.7504 5440
Cabin 2-3 bedrooms w/ toilet


This was the “view” to the rear of the cabin (the 7 Sisters from the other (north) side…

7 Sisters Mountains

Sandnessjoen Cabin

7 Sisters

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