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June 13th

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*** Sandnessjøen to Levang           33 km
***     Ferry  Levang – Nesna          30 min. ?
*** Nesna to Kilboghamn                90 km  
***    Ferry Kilboghamn – Jektvik     1 hr. 30 min.
#### (cross Arctic Circle on boat)

*** Jektvik to Ågskaret                    28 km
***     Ferry  Ågskaret – Forøy         30 min. ?
*** Forøy to Storjorda                      48 km

Artic Circle Crossing

#### the Svartisen Glacier (Norway’s second largest)  is said that this is the bluest glacier in the world.  You can walk onto the glacier at Storjorda, just before entering the tunnel to Glomfjord, at the end of the Hollandsfjord. When you drive along RV17 through Holandsfjørd you can see many arms of the glacier that stretch down between the mountain peaks. 

Note full size house with red roof in lower center of picture below.  There is a glacial lake behind house about a mile wide that feed into the Hollandsfjord. The ice is hundreds of feet thick in the tongue that reaches the lake/fjord…




** Storjorda  to Glomfjord          48 km
*** Forøy to Ornes                    48 km

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