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June 15th

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June 15 (this page)  –Lofoten Is.– Svolvaer– Kabelvag– Henningsvaer
June 16 – Ballstad– Nusfjord– Flakstad – Sund –Å
June 17 – Ballstad – Borg – Borkenes

June 15(Saturday am) Leave Nesberg                  8:00am
*** Nesberg to Skutvik Rt81             4 km               8:00am 
Ferry to Svolvær in Lofoten (8:30-10:00)    1hr. 30 min.   10:30


Lofoten Island Album - 82 high resolution photos

***UPDATED** - click on Album to view additional, larger photos of Lofoten Islands...**UPDATED**

Arriving  Svolvær                          10:30 am
#### Svolværgeita a pinnacle on the mountainside above Svolvær has two "horns", 2 meters apart with a deep crack between them. The jump between the horns is known as a great test of your courage!

The picture on the far right is actually copied from the web - I couldn't get up there to take it


   *** Svolvær to Kabelvåg                8 km 

Aquarium in Kabelvåg 

With its 23 large and small aquarium tanks, the Lofoten Aqua

rium caters for  all ranges:

  • 23 different aquariums presenting fish from the Lofoten and the North  Atlantic
  • Large-fish aquarium (Atlantic cod, halibut)
  • Sealpond with harbour seals
  • Otterpond
  • Multivision, "The Four Seasons" (15 min.), "The Northern Light" (5 min.) and  "The Lofoten Fisheries" (15 min.)
  • Exhibitions

***  Kabelvåg  to Honningsvag         20 km

Note: Honningsvag cod fish drying racks -  thousands and thousands of dried fish.  You find these racks all over the Lofoten Islands, in every little fishing village…

***  Honningsvag to Ballstad  -       40 km

>>>> Kræmmervika, Ballstad Tel. +47 76 06 09 20

 We stayed in the red fishermans cabin (rorbu) in the middle (left picture below),      right on the docks.

 Panorama view of Ballstad from the hill behind our fishermans cabin…

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