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June 14th

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*** Ornes to Kjøpstad / Saltstraumen                                            90 km           12:00 noon

####      Saltstraumen is created when the tide tries to fill the Skjerstad fjord..     14:23 (max current...)  

Saltstraumen is the strongest tidal current, or maelstrom, in Europe. The height difference of the sea surface can be as much as 1 meter or 3 feet between the inside and the outside of the narrow sound.  In the attempt to level out the two sides, the water increase its speed and turns into something that looks like a very strong river. However this "river" has a twist , it runs both ways.
Within a time frame of 6 hours a massive 372 million cubic meter of sea water passes through a 150 meter wide and 31 meter deep passage.  The speed of the stream is estimated to be up to 22 knots or 40 km per hour, and it is about 3 km long.  Huge whirlpools are formed , sometimes they can be as much as 10 to 15 meters in diameter.
The current is strongest around new and full moon.

Saltstraumen current

Saltstraumen Bridge

picturesque building next to bridge

*** Rt 17/Rt 80 Saltstraumen to Fauske                          60 km                                11:00 am
*** E6     Fauske  to Tømmerneset                               105 km                                16:15
*** Tømmerneset to Hamaroy/Skutvik                             45 km                                17:00 

Skutvik Harbor

Skutvik Harbor  -  waiting for ferry to Lofoten Islands

Skutvik Harbor  -  looking towards Lofoten Islands

Skrova  Lighthouse  -  on Ferry to Svolvaer

Skutvik - Ness Camping (NAF #854) Nesberg...

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