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June 16th

June 16 (Sunday)
Sightseeing on the Lofotens…    
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Ballstad– Nusfjord– Flakstad – Sund – ┼
 ***Ballstad  to Nusfjord                   30 km

#### Nusfjord, a small traditional fishing village tucked in a narrow fjord rimmed within sheer granite walls.

Nusfjord, like most fishing villages on Lofoten, is still flourishing due to the excellent winter cod fishing.

The village is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  A sailor wrote he was most impressed by the dockside pub, which has two walls carved from solid rock..

***Nusfjord to Flakstad                       15 km

***Flakstad to Sund                       15 km

#### Blacksmith in Sund

The “smith” is widely known for his elaborately designed steel cormorants. There is also a little museum here which demonstrates the use of fishing boat engines from various periods.

#### Sund Fisheries Museum  The motorisation of the fishing fleet over the past 100 years. A small and pleasant museum environment. Several boat engines that can be started up. "Curiosity Cabinet". Exhibition of Hans Gjertsen's work over the past 60 years.


                                              Sund Harbor panorama...

***Sund to ┼                                   25 km

#### Norsk FiskevŠrsmuseum, ┼
┼, at the end of E10: the King Olav┤s Road. Here you will find the picturesque Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, and experience everyday life at the Lofoten fisheries over the last 250 years.

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